React’s New Context API Explained

Hey Folks! React 16.3 has a new Context API which makes accessing data and functions anywhere in your application a snap. If you every find yourself passing data down via props 4-5 levels deep, […] Source: React’s New Context API Explained

Using CSS Grid: Supporting Browsers Without Grid

When using any new CSS, the question of browser support has to be addressed. This is even more of a consideration when new CSS is used for layout as with Flexbox and CSS Grid, rather than things we might consider an enhancement. In this article, I explore approaches to **dealing with browser support today**. What […]

Vue 2.5 Released

Evan You announced the release of Vue 2.5 last week with TypeScript and Error handling, environment-agnostic server-side rendering (i.e., php-v8js), and many other nice features. It’s a great time to be a Vue.js developer, and things just keep getting better! This release is jam-packed with awesome improvements: Improved TypeScript Support The TypeScript team co … […]