Houdini’s Animation Worklet

TL;DR: Animation Worklet allows you to write imperative animations that run at the device’s native frame rate for that extra buttery jank-free smoothness™, make your animations more resilient against main thread jank and are linkable to scroll instead of time…. Source: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/10/animation-worklet

Getting Started with Component Transitions in Vue

When we build applications, we aim to make them easy on the eye. We want our users to have a smooth experience using it, and to feel our application flowing from one point to another, rather than just jump between screens…. Source: https://scotch.io/tutorials/getting-started-with-component-transitions-in-vue

Why React needed yet another animation library. Introducing: react-spring

Ever since i started developing i was fascinated by the vividness of animated applications, they felt alive. And we sure have come a long way, too. There are dozens of tools to choose from today. From tweening libraries to full fledged declarative options, especially in the React world…. Source: https://blog.usejournal.com/why-react-needed-yet-another-animation-library-introducing-react-spring-8212e424c5ce

Amazing React animation with react-pose

Animation in React has always been a fuzzy subject. Many people don’t even know how to start looking for something to help them build cool and fun animations for their web projects…. Source: https://medium.com/@joomiguelcunha/amazing-react-animation-with-react-pose-3b67d9eb6e07

Native-Like Animations for Page Transitions on the Web

Some of the most inspiring examples I’ve seen of front-end development have involved some sort of page transitions that look slick like they do in mobile apps. However, even though the imagination for these types of interactions seem to abound, their presence on actual sites that I visit do not…. Source: https://css-tricks.com/native-like-animations-for-page-transitions-on-the-web/

I made a talking emoji using regular emojis and JavaScript

Today, while I was working, someone sent an interesting little script in a chat group: http://jsbin.com/nijohi/edit?js,output. The original code was written by Martin Kleppe — kudos to him for the short implementation. The code is very simple, but the effect is very interesting…. Source: https://hackernoon.com/how-i-made-a-talking-emoji-using-regular-emojis-and-javascript-fe20e62ba10

Creating Vue.js Transitions & Animations

My last two projects hurled me into the JAMstack. SPAs, headless content management, static generation… you name it. More importantly, they gave me the opportunity to learn Vue.js. More than “Build a To-Do App” Vue.js, I got to ship real-life, production-ready Vue apps…. Source: https://css-tricks.com/creating-vue-js-transitions-animations/