Advanced OOP for WordPress: Customizing REST API Endpoints

This article on advanced OOP for WordPress was originally published by Torque Magazine, and is reproduced here with permission. I’ve written a lot about object-oriented PHP and the WordPress REST API for Torque over the past few years…. Source:

Layering GraphQL on top of REST

GraphQL is quickly replacing REST as the standard for which data is queried, fetched and transformed between the frontend and backend. And developers are looking to explore and reap its benefits in their brown-field projects…. Source:

The Secret API of Banks

Interacting with bank data often requires customers to trust 3rd-party services with their username and password. What if there were a more secure way? A way to explore transactions in real-time without having to trust anyone…. Source:

Postman announces Newman for API testing

Postman has announced a new command line collection runner dubbed Newman. The open-source tool is designed to run and test Postman Collections directly from the command line. Postman Collections enables developers to group individual requests together and organize them into folders…. Source:

REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review

Are you building an API? Here is the idea: If you have never heard about the REST architectural style constraints and their implication on the properties of the resulting distributed system and you do not want to (or can’t) educate yourself, use GraphQL…. Source:


Debug: /(/(random|\d+)?/debug – Returns a JSON response of image info i.e. image source, image url, width, height, etc. Little Visuals: /littlevisuals/(random|\d+)?… Source:

Understanding And Using REST APIs

You can access paths just like you can link to parts of a website. For example, to get a list of all posts tagged under “JavaScript” on Smashing Magazine, you navigate to https://www.smashingmagazine…. Source: