Install manually or with your favorite plug-in manager and then load the theme. The colorscheme will work with 256 color terminals but the results might not be satisfactory. Therefore where available it is recommended to set termguicolors…. Source: https://github.com/KKPMW/sacredforest-vim

How to Git PR From The Command Line

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency — https://git-scm.com/…. Source: https://hackernoon.com/how-to-git-pr-from-the-command-line-a5b204a57ab1

Introducing GraphQL for Visual Studio Code

At Prisma, we strongly believe that the tools we’re using as developers should not only get the job done, but actually be delightful and fun to use. Therefore, leveraging GraphQL to provide a great developer experience is at the core of our mission…. Source: https://www.prisma.io/blog/vscode-thieghu7shoo/

Vim Is The Perfect IDE

Over the years I’ve jumped back and forth between many code editors, IDEs and tools; but it seems that somehow I always end up coming right back to VIM, and not only for programming – guess which markdown editor I’m using to write this post…. Source: https://dev.to/allanmacgregor/vim-is-the-perfect-ide-e80

Creating a VS Code Theme

Everyone has special and perhaps, particular, tastes when it comes to their code editor. There are literally thousands of themes out there, and for good reason: a thing of beauty and enhancement to productivity for one can be a hindrance to another…. Source: https://css-tricks.com/creating-a-vs-code-theme/

Getting Started with Live Coding in Visual Studio Code w/ Live Share

Live Share for Visual Studio Code is HOT OFF THE PRESS and publically available as of May 7th 2018! What? You’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, let me fill you in. Live Share is an extension for VS Code that enables real-time collaboration between developers…. Source: https://scotch.io/tutorials/getting-started-with-live-coding-in-visual-studio-code-with-live-share

10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers

In this article, I’ll focus on a list of must-have VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers. Visual Studio Code is undoubtedly the most popular lightweight code editor today. It does borrow heavily from other popular code editors, mostly Sublime Text and Atom…. Source: https://www.sitepoint.com/vs-code-extensions-javascript-developers/