No Eject – Create React App with SASS, Storybook and Yarn in a Docker Environment

b) I would like to use SASS/SCSS and also have it easily convert to CSS Modules if create-react-app ever includes them with scss support. Also I’m not interested in punishing myself with vanilla css. 1) Have Docker on your computer. Really straight forward…. Source:

Developing Microservices – Node, React, and Docker

In this post you will learn how to quickly spin up a reproducible development environment with Docker to manage a number of Node.js microservices. This post assumes prior knowledge of the following topics. Refer to the resources for more info:… Source:

React and Flux: A Docker Development Workflow

Docker development environments are quickly becoming the de facto standard for productive programming. Perhaps Vagrant ignited the inspiration with it’s remarkable ability to share server environments across development workspaces…. Source:

Webpack and Docker for Development and Deployment

Webpack and Docker are great for both development and deployment processes. When using Webpack for development, you get great dev tool support (read: webpack-dev-server and hot reloading) and can use any existing Javascript library without any efforts. Webpack can even replace Browserify…. Source:

Dockerizing a React application

Late last year I was working with our Semantic Scholar team to migrate the online stack from a bare-metal system to a system running containers in Docker. We set out with the main goal of running development builds using Docker, with the same images as we’ll use in production…. Source:

Get started with Docker Compose | Docker Documentation

On this page you build a simple Python web application running on Docker Compose. The application uses the Flask framework and maintains a hit counter in Redis. While the sample uses Python, the concepts demonstrated here should be understandable even if you’re not familiar with it. Source: Get started with Docker Compose | Docker Documentation

Making your dockerised PHP application even better | The Geeky Platypus Blog

The previous post about dockerising a PHP application (which you should read if you haven’t) got a lot more attention than I ever imagined, which is AWESOME. However, while introducing some of  the suggested improvements a number discrepencies between the contents of the blog post and the GitHub repository emerged. Buuut… Source: Making your dockerised PHP application even better | […]