A bare-bones starter WordPress environment using Docker and Composer. Right now, this just quickly sets up a functional local environment and does not include any starter theme. That’s yet to come. Make sure Docker, Docker Compose, and Composer are installed on your machine…. Source:

Running a PHP Web App in a Docker Container

If you’re familiar with the process for creating a simple website using PHP, then adding Docker to the mix should be relatively easy. The great thing about using Docker is that you have better portability over your code…. Source:

A containerized Laravel application

Containerized PHP Application What is this? This is an example of how you can quickly get up and running with Docker to develop a PHP application. This is a companion to the ? Shipping Docker video series…. Source:

An Introduction to Docker Through Story

My previous few story-based articles seem to have really hit it off and I’ve had some very good feedback from you all. As such I thought I’d continue the series and start introducing more granular topics such as containerization and Docker…. Source:


The official Node.js docker image, made with love by the node community. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node…. Source:

Nginx Unit with Docker, PHP, and Laravel

As part of the announced Nginx Platform, Nginx is working on a dynamic web application server, Nginx Unit. Unit supports fully dynamic reconfiguration using a RESTful JSON API, supports multiple application languages and versions can run simultaneously…. Source:

Docker Compose + GPU + TensorFlow = ❤️

Docker is awesome — more and more people are leveraging it for development and distribution. Instant environment setup, platform independent apps, ready-to-go solutions, better version control, simplified maintenance: Docker has a lot of benefits…. Source:

Repositories on Docker Hub | Docker Documentation

Docker Hub repositories let you share images with co-workers, customers, or the Docker community at large. If you’re building your images internally, either on your own Docker daemon, or using your own Continuous integration services, you can push them to a Docker Hub repository that you add to your Docker Hub user or organization account. […]