Italy’s iconic Moka coffee pots at risk of extinction

Since the 1930s, the moka coffee pot’s bubbling sound and strong brew have been a part of the morning ritual in millions of homes across Italy. But now the classic moka pot, an icon of Italian design, could be at risk of disappearing from Italian kitchens altogether…. Source:

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Nashville

For a city as diverse as Nashville, it’s a little disappointing how many Americanized Mexican restaurants are the go-to spots for diners. While there’s nothing wrong with a bucket of queso and some neon margaritas every now and then, you can do much better here…. Source:

The Perfect Mexican Michelada Recipe

It was 2005, and I’d just finished classes for the day at a Spanish language school in Guanajuato, Mexico. The instructors, José Luis, Esmeralda, and Guillermo had invited my classmates and I out for happy hour at one of their favorite bars…. Source:

#BucketDish: Mercado will bring a taste of the Yucatán

We’re awaiting the opening of GATHER, Greenville’s outdoor food hall, especially since Sarah and Paul Klaassen of HenDough will anchor the property with four concepts. Yes! We’re excited about chicken & donuts, roman pizza and stacked burgers, but what’s about the secret #4…… Source:

Bourbon Rickey

The Bourbon Rickey was the original Rickey before later giving way to the Gin Rickey in popularity. First created in 1883 at Shoomaker’s, a now defunct D.C…. Source:

Pan-Crisped Sausages

Watch Assorted sausages, such as chorizo, Lebanese-style, and Moroccan-style Assorted cheeses, such as farmhouse cheddar and aged Gouda… Source:

Add a Little Lemon Oil to Your Coffee

Hot coffee is not something I can even look at during the summer; it’s all iced coffee, sometimes even without cream because dairy gets more and more oppressive as the temperature climbs…. Source: