Farmhouse Storage Bed with Storage Drawers

Farmhouse Bed plans for a small space! This bed packs lots of storage in a more compact profile. Detailed step by step plans to help you build your own DIY Farmhouse Bed! Projects built from this plan. Thank you for submitting brag posts, it’s appreciated by all!… Source:

How to Fix a Toilet Lift Chain

As water fills the tank within the toilet, a floating ball shuts it off. When the flush button is pressed, the lift chain lifts a rubber flapper, which opens a hole in the bottom of the tank and flushes the water into the bowl…. Source:

How to set thermostat in a two story house in summer

Here at D-N-D Services, we are often asked how to set thermostats in a two story home. For two story homes balancing the air temperature is a little more complicated than in a single story home. Almost everyone knows heat rises and cold air falls…. Source:

Finley Landscape Management

Finley’s Landscape Management is a full service landscaping company. We offer lawn maintenance programs, fertilizer programs, installs, and a variety of other services including hardscapes. If your property needs to be made new then please give us a call today!… Source:

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