Laravel on GalliumOS

I have used Laravel on GalliumOS using Valet Linux, It’s similar to the official Laravel Valet (which is Mac only) but works on Linux…. Source:

Server-Side Rendering With Laravel & Vue.js 2.5

Server-side rendering is great way to increase the perception of loading speed in your full-stack app. Users get a complete page with visible content when they load your site, as opposed to an empty page that doesn’t get populated until JavaScript runs…. Source:

Laravel Development with Docker

One of the challenges every development team faces is managing a consistent local environment to work in. Tools like Vagrant have made this easier in the past but working with heavy VM’s can be time consuming and quite taxing on your computer’s resources…. Source:

Laravel in Docker

With this article you’ll learn how to prepare a Docker image of a Laravel application, push it to the registry, and use Docker in Continuous Delivery. Laravel is used to build web applications of any type you want. This framework is surprisingly fast, user-friendly, and very well documented…. Source:

Upgrading Laradock

Warning: If you used an older version of Laradock it’s highly recommended to rebuild the containers you need to use see how you rebuild a container in order to prevent as much errors as possible. You can edit the .env file to chose which software’s you want to be installed in your environment…. Source: