Elementary OS Juno Brings Only Slight Changes to an Outstanding Platform

Elementary OS has been my distribution of choice for some time now. I find it a perfect blend of usability, elegance, and stability. Out of the box, Elementary doesn’t include a lot of apps, but it does offer plenty of style and all the apps you could want are an AppCenter away…. Source: https://www.linux.com/learn/intro-to-linux/2018/8/elementary-os-juno-brings-only-slight-changes-outstanding-platform

Chrome OS Can Now Install Linux Debian Packages

A few weeks back, I was tinkering around in the Canary channel and through some hacky loops and multiple attempts, I was able to install a Linux installer that allowed me to launch Linux Debian(.deb) packages on my Chromebox…. Source: https://chromeunboxed.com/news/chrome-os-linux-debian-packages-chromebook-crostini

​How to add Linux to your Chromebook

It’s long been possible to run Linux on a Chromebook. That’s no surprise. After all, Chrome OS is a Linux variant. But, doing it by using either Crouton in a chroot container or Gallium OS, a Xubuntu Chromebook-specific Linux variant, wasn’t easy…. Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-add-linux-to-your-chromebook/

Alacritty – A Fastest Terminal Emulator for Linux

Alacritty is a free open-source, fast, cross-platform terminal emulator, that uses GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for rendering, which implements certain optimizations that are not available in many other terminal emulators in Linux. Alacritty is focused on two goals simplicity and performance…. Source: https://www.tecmint.com/alacritty-fastest-terminal-emulator-for-linux/

Catfish 1.4.6 Released, Now an Xfce Project

It’s a great day for fans of the fast and powerful Catfish search utility. With the 1.4.6 release, Catfish now officially joins the Xfce family. Additionally, there’s been some nice improvements to the thumbnailer and a large number of bugs have been squashed…. Source: https://bluesabre.org/2018/07/15/catfish-1-4-6-released-now-an-xfce-project/

… Source: https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/use-command-injection-pop-reverse-shell-web-server-0185760/