My react routing structure

I build frontend applications and APIs often, usually I use a variety of tools, but react has been something I find interesting, enabling me to build fast and quick, although I could argue that vue matches it word for word, but that’s not the argument of the day, enough of the react vs Vue bullsh… […]

Code Splitting with React and React Router

Code splitting has gained popularity recently for its ability to allow you to split your app into separate bundles your users can progressively load. In this post we’ll take a look at not only what code splitting is and how to do it, but also how to implement it with React Router. It’s 2018…. Source: […]

Beginner’s Guide to React Router 4

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. With the React paradigm, every piece of the UI is a component that manages its on self-contained state (data) and functions. React, like other front-end JavaScript frameworks, is useful for creating Single Page Applications (SPAs)…. Source:

All About React Router 4

I met Michael Jackson for the first time at React Rally 2016, soon after writing an article on React Router 3. Michael is one of the principal authors of React Router along with Ryan Florence. It was exciting to meet someone who built a tool I liked so much, but I was shocked when he […]

React Router: Scroll Restoration

In earlier versions of React Router we provided out-of-the-box support for scroll restoration and people have been asking for it ever since. Hopefully this document helps you get what you need out of the scroll bar and routing! Source: React Router: Declarative Routing for React.js