The Rise of Functional Components – React v16.7.0 (now with Hooks!)

For those who have been following React Conf, a new set of React features were introduced called Hooks. In this post, we’ll briefly introduce React Hooks and how to use them to code without writing a single React Class and some new improvements to Functional Components…. Source:

Lazy-loading components in React 16.6

The new release of React 16.6 rolled in with some new features that can be used to add more power to React components with little amounts of effort. Two of these new features are React.Suspense and React.lazy(), which make it very easy to apply code-splitting and lazy-loading to React components…. Source:

Getting Started with React Hooks

React Hooks are a great new feature coming in React 16.7. React 16.6 brought some awesome new things like React.memo() and React.lazy and Suspense. The React team isn’t stopping there. Hooks are a feature that you’ll end up using every single day of your React development…. Source: