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If you haven’t checked out this talk from #JSforWPConf please do! “JavaScript Hooks in WordPress” from Adam Silverstein @roundearth This explains the new hooks system in JavaScript similar to what we’ve had with PHP for years. Watch the talk here –… Source:


This new level of quality allows Progressive Web Apps to earn a place on the user’s home screen. Continue reading more about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) from Google…. Source:

How to Generate a Static HTML Copy of Your WordPress Website

You can create almost any type of website you want using WordPress. However, you can’t use it to build simple static HTML websites. In some cases, that’s all you need, and you may end up needing to use another platform to achieve it…. Source:

An Introduction to WordPress Security

Recent statistics show that over 28% of website administrators across the web use WordPress. With its popularity comes a price – it is often targeted by malicious hackers and spammers, who seek to leverage insecure websites to their advantage…. Source:

WordPress Security As A Process

Last year, WordPress was responsible for 83% of infected content management sites. Make sure you’re not contributing to those infections and learn how to securely manage WordPress. (This article is kindly sponsored by Sucuri.) WordPress security doesn’t have a good reputation…. Source: